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Hello, our dear students!


Pedagogical manager

What is "Tutoring school ODG" and "Project CASA"?

Tutoring school ODG is a school that aims to provide educational assistance to children and adults. The abbreviation "ODG" means "Op De Gaas" in the Luxembourgish language. Many children lose their self-confidence and self-confidence, that's why we gave our tutoring school a name that should build up the children, that they can progress again with little effort and helpfulness from our teachers, if they continue and don't give up. Our tutoring service specializes in target-oriented students who need intensive learning support in order to progress academically. Many children and students do not have it easy at school, for personal or school reasons. This is why we support exactly those students, so that they can find their way back and continue to pursue their school future.


Our tutoring school ODG also works together with other municipalities and school services. Distributed all over Luxembourg, our team supports students in all regions and is thus on the road nationally.

The Project CASA is a project from our tutoring school ODG. The CASA project is partly a project for  weak financial families. The letters of the name "CASA" mean:

  • "CA" : Cours d'appui (tutoring courses)

  • "S" : Sensitization courses (awareness)

  • "A" : Activities and analysis

There are also many families in Luxembourg who cannot afford private lessons for their children. That's why the CASA project was designed to support these families. In collaboration with school services, we were able to support those families and give their children the opportunity to participate in our tutoring sessions, so that they can be helped. The CASA project also offers further services in which all age groups such as children, students, adults, parents and seniors can participate. 

We offer:

  • Tutoring and accompanying courses (Cours d'appui)

  • Awareness courses on topics such as: overcoming fear of the exam, discovering new learning methods, etc.

  • Tutoring with seniors - seniors help students!

  • Educational activities with the children outside school hours, especially during school holidays (handicraft work, outdoors, etc.)

  • Motivational coaching for children who lack motivation

  • Individual courses for students with disabilities

  • Regular analysis of the development of students' skills

  • Regular contact with the parents for an exchange

  • Free service: borrowing books, free printing of sheets, etc.

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